Guy J. Sagi is a feature writer for Sagi has years of experience photographing and writing about life in the outdoors including camping, fishing and hunting.
Guy J Sagi Headshot
Guy J. Sagi

Guy J Sagi grew up exploring Southern Arizona’s outdoors, from the elevations of 10,000-feet in the Santa Catalina Mountains minutes north of his hometown Tucson, to the lower and often arid stretches of the Sonora Desert. What began as rock collecting, camping and fishing with his parents grew to include climbing, hunting and more than a decade as a search & rescue volunteer.

His writing career began when he complained to the Tucson Citizen that the newspaper’s fishing and hunting section had a moral obligation to provide at least a few survival and first-aid tips. The editor’s response that Sagi should write the article was undoubtedly tongue-in-cheek, but the story appeared, many others with his byline have followed.

The passion for photography grew out of his eagerness to better communicate the outdoor experience. Today he captures images of a variety of subjects—many found on his photo-specific website,—although Mother Nature and all the sports she offers remain his primary subjects.

Guy J. Sagi - Photographer
Guy J. Sagi – Photographer

Sagi is also the author of “Fishing Arizona” a regional guidebook to 50 of the state’s angling destinations, and follow-up “Fishing Arizona II”—expanded to 100 locations including a chapter on several waterways in north Mexico. He also wrote “Hunting Small Game in Arizona,” but his latest is a young reader’s holiday book based on a Christmas Day rescue—“The Year Santa Came Back.

He served as editor-in-chief of Safari Club International’s Safari Times for 10 years and spent another decade working in NRA Publications. There he served in a variety of positions, including five as editor-in-chief of the organization’s then-newsstand monthly, Shooting Illustrated.

Guy J. Sagi with salmon caught near Kodiak Island, Alaska
Guy J. Sagi with salmon caught near Kodiak Island, Alaska

Today he lives closer to family in a rural region of North Carolina, where the lack of a hectic travel schedule allows him to rediscover the simpler pleasures of camping, fishing, off-roading, hiking, hunting and more. Camera’s always in hand, of course.

His passion for the great outdoors hasn’t faded, nor has his dedication to ensuring it remains for generations to come. He’s seen some amazing conservation stories across North America, and witnessed firsthand how they’re only possible when people understand the resource’s value—whether they depend on it for their livelihood, live nearby or appreciate it as the kind of unreplaceable commodity that, true to its nature, welcomes people of every age, ethnicity, economic situation, physical challenge and social status, with an always equal dose of warm and natural charm.

Guy J. Sagi elk hunting in Colorado
Guy J. Sagi elk hunting in Colorado